Notes for April 4, 2017 EWG Meeting

Present: Dean Pallant, Salvation Army (co-chair and call moderator), Genie Kagawa, Chair NGO Comm Spirituality and Global Concerns/ Universal Peace Foundation, Dan O’Neill, Christian Journal Global Health, Nkatha Njera, ACHAP, Lincoln Lau, ICM, Levi Bautista, UMC, Mona Bormet, CCIH, Sadvhi Saraswati, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, Jacob Bathanti, Global Delivery Initiative, Rob Black, Sojourners, Jean Duff, Partnership for Faith & Development – JLI and Stacy Nam, JLI

Regrets: Andreas Hipple, Catriona, Elizabeth Garland, Abagail Nelson, Chou Noun, Joel Hughey, Philip Lee, Thomas Lawo, Victor Kazanjian, Rebeca Rios-Kohn, Sally Smith, and Kelly Scott


Next steps

  • EWG members will send any additional feedback on EWG Guide through Survey Monkey or to Stacy by April 21
  • Stacy will work with co-chairs to make changes to EWG Guide front page, add glossary and edits by end of May considering language accessibility and for increased user understanding
  • JLI will start, as capacity allows, to add new examples for the library (suggestions for partners welcome)
  • JLI will reach out to partners to work on examples based on the template by May
  • Next meeting in June (please fill out Doodle)



Welcome and introductions                                           Dean

Member updates                                                                    Dean


Survey Introduction                                                              Dean


Survey results                                                                           Stacy and Tedla

33 respondents; 75% respondents mostly African—majority christian

Tedla presented survey results see attached ppt and survey results for recap of questions and results

EWG Guide Survey Results


Discussion of feedback:

Genie: Write out mission state. Who determines the basis of faith-based approach?

Dean: EWG is not about personal theology of faith but addressing holistic integrated nature of people

Levi: discussed United Methodist Church Faith and Facts card on 27 issues

Dan: Mentioned alternative facts and need for discerning truth;

  • Need to say what the guide and evidence is and is not

Genie: Need a glossary of terms- theory of change is not something people are familiar with

Dean: theory of change is used professionally and we still need some sort of academic standard with evidence

Mona: examples need to be as easy to read and adapt as possible, depends on audience especially if we are trying to reach Global South and those implementing programs. Agree with Dean re: professionalism though not many groups understand this terminology… and what are the most basic steps a group can take to create a Theory of Change or those types of change concepts

Stacy: translation to other languages (English was a limitation of survey) and potentially more plain language

Dan: need not just other languages but potentially bridging secular and faith groups

Jean: Consider this EWG a resource library not a best practice manual

Dan: liked the idea of library especially as interviewees said some examples were more relevant than others

Sadvhi: Surprised by comments on theology; Evidence for program and project –is fact –distinguishes it from scripture!! Bridge chasm between faith foundation and partnering w other orgs who want data

Levi: Further define accountability to include transparency, verifiable and welcoming (invites others to verify facts we privilege and if proven wrong can change)


Changes to EWG

  • Proposed front page: the guide should start with brief questions presented in a FAQs format in order to answer what the guide is, who it is for, what the purpose, how it can be used and similar questions
  • Add purpose
  • Who is this guide for?
  • What it’s not (maybe a table or graphic with this)
  • Glossary of terms and potential changes for accessibility of language (whether translation or plain language- WACC?)


Should we start additional examples?

As capacity allows will start considering new examples for the library

  • Especially those from other faith traditions


Potential additions:

Salvation Army, Islamic Relief, Arigatou Intl, Intl Care Ministries, World Vision


Brief MI Update

Jean: steering committee is in the process of trying to establish a small secretariat for the moral imperative and is in conversation with the World Bank about possible funding response


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