Dec 6, 2017 at 9am ET on Zoom


Nobuyuki Asai (SGI), Rebecca Waugh (IMA), Frances Rose (KAICIID), Simbo Ige (UMCOR), Chou Noun & Abagail Nelson (ERD), Dan O’Neill (CJGH/CCIH), Kate Long(BU), Stacy Nam and Jean Duff (JLI)


  • Update on new MI leadership and 2018 work plan
  • Review of discussion at the September MI meeting about role of EWG going forward (attached summary)
  • Review of World Bank: SDG & Faith Toolkit (attached)
  • Election of new leadership for the EWG

Key Summary:

  • EWG new leadership will be announced shortly
  • EWG will align evidence priorities with the Moral Imperative workstreams both in country and advocacy, as they evolve

MI Update:

  • New steering group: Alison Kelly (ACT Alliance), Charles Badenoch (WVI), Genie Kagawa (UPF), Mohamed Abu-Nimer (KAICIID), Ruth Messinger (AWJS), Sadvhi Saraswati (Inter-faith WASH Alliance), Dr Husna Ahmed (Global One)
  • Adam will be leaving to join Sojourners as the Executive Director
  • Adam’s Colleague Edith Jibuno (Adviser Global Engagement and Partnerships Team, and Faith Initiative): has enthusiasm to continue the MI, recommitted the bank to the MI & they will be recruiting to fill the faith initiative position
  • Dec 14 steering committee meeting and Jan 15 at 9 am ET all MI

2018 work plan: Country specific work (Senegal, Nigeria and possibly Indonesia on narrowed priorities to Early Childhood Dev and Land Rights), evidence and joint advocacy

  • Added value of MI—added value of FB perspective is important
  • Intentional alignment of faith response and support w/ World Bank work
  • EndPoverty Campaign: this year it was short timing and was a small campaign
    • Hoping to gather more synergy with this and build for next year

EWG co-moderators: Dan willing to serve with someone- KAICIID will be in touch about possibility of co-chairing; Kate Long willing to support; JLI will continue to support EWG

September MI Meeting & EWG summary:

  • Align as evidence partners w/ two other workstreams: In- country work & advocacy
  • Continue to add to the Guide– 4-5 cases could be added from Salvation Army, Islamic Relief, Arigatou Intl, Intl Care Ministries, World Vision
  • Define measuring distinct attributes of FBOs- setting holistic indicators to SDGs and inadequate in capturing the relational and spiritual transformation in FB interventions
  • Accompany local users to focus on building evidence


Discussion on how EWG might play a role going forward:

  • Kate: collect cases to flow up into advocacy –eg of how faith groups approach x
  • Simbo: How FB in countries are engaged …what gaps exist? —situational analysis in MI programmatic areas
  • Dan: resources limit in FB evidence collection and measurement- developed Evidence WG guide to address knowledge gap, but still need resourcing
  • Abagail: MI –identify well placed partners to build interfaith collaboration to support (ex. advisory support on themes: parenting –nugget of ECD for 0-3 years—value add of faith partner in that
  • Dan: educating FBOs on importance of evidence –ex. neuroscience evidence in ECD to convince FBOs
  • Rebecca: online resources on ECD and Land rights? who is using the Guide?  (Stacy will look into this) engage Intermediary orgs to promote to local users?
  • Frances Rose: In Nigeria work through faith leaders –rich hub as part of capacity building exercise

Toolkit review proposed what faith based organizations are currently doing to advance each SDG—send case studies to Adam

  • Genie: rewrite SDG summary with faith leaders in mind (advocacy work stream& EWG)

Abagail: Rob McCouch—chief UN M&E on SDGs evidence on country

  • Each country has its own evidence process using guiding document re indicators
  • How to link FBOs in at country level —w civil society dialogue & UN

Thanks Dean and Jean for co-moderating the EWG for the past two years.

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